Multiscale Computational Modeling of Cementitious Materials


Meeting Format

Day 1 (half-day). The afternoon of day 1 will begin with an overview on multiscale computational modeling of concrete performance followed by two (2) consecutive topical sessions (Topics 1-2) of about two hours each. Each topical session will be launched by a keynote lecture of about 30 minutes followed by a 20 minute presentation by the topic leader based on his/her research and the review materials made available prior to the workshop to provide a starting point to generate discussions. The topic panelists and topical groups, led by the topic leader, will then discuss the current state-of-the-art of the topic area, current research direction and findings, and knowledge that is lacking with regard to the topic area, and will prepare a summary report. Day 1 will end with a poster session that will provide time for ample discussion and interactions between the participants.

Day 2 (full day). The second day will consist of four (4) consecutive topical sessions (Topics 3-6) of two hours each, with two in the morning and two in the afternoon. A similar format as that used in Day 1 will be used for each topical session with a keynote speaker, a topic leader, and panelists. At the end of the day about one hour will be dedicated to discussion of a research road map and follow-up activities. Each topical group will address specific research needs in the topic area and will suggest the tasks or directions that need to be taken to bridge the gap between what is not known and what needs to be known regarding the topic area. Each group will be instructed to consider present obstacles, computational tools to be developed, dataset needs, and collaboration that would benefit the research. Day 2 will end with a conclusion of the workshop followed by an executive committee meeting that will include the workshop organizers, the invited keynote speakers, and the topic leaders to provide an assessment of the workshop and discuss follow-up activities and strategies to develop an international initiative on simulation-based engineering of the next generation of cementitious materials.